There is No Solution to Homelessness Under Capitalism

Over the course of a year, some 235 000 people in Canada will experience homelessness.

Nearly 44 000 of them are youth.

And yet, according to the 2016 census, there are 1 300 000 empty homes in Canada: enough to house 3 200 000 people!

Homelessness is not caused by a lack of housing. Homelessness is caused by the rich trying to make money off of people’s basic need for shelter. Homeless is caused by capitalism.

But, because most municipal politicians are in the pockets of the developers who make money hand-over-fist through property speculation, we’re not likely to see any solution to the problem of homelessness. And even if someone tried, the banks, developers, and other rich could always resort to applying economic pressure to get their way, as they do any time workers try and better their conditions. There is virtually no solution to homelessness under capitalism.

By getting rid of capitalism, we could solve homelessness almost instantly. And in turn, that would greatly increase the standard of living for the most vulnerable among us: LGBTQ2S+ youth included.

Another reason to say: Fuck the 150!

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