RCMP Slaughtered Sled Dogs Used by Inuit Communities

It was an RCMP policy to slaughter swathes of sled dogs used by Inuit communities. This practice led to famine and medicine shortages, as the use of sled dogs is vital for hunting and transportation.

“In a time frame of 20 years, the RCMP and the Quebec Provincial Police killed thousands of Inuit Sled dogs under a ruse of public safety and a loophole in a law designed for agriculture.

The stories are vast and severe. In testimony given to the Qikiqtani Truth Commission, affected hunters emotionally described how law enforcement dealt with their dogs in ways that had nothing to do with health and safety; or the endangerment of crops.

According to testimony, dogs were shot while they were harnessed and ready for a hunt; pregnant dogs—who were the last of their pack—were killed, shot by laughing policemen in front of their owners. The RCMP had children help them in the killings. Dozens of dogs were allegedly burned and piled into pyramids in front of communities to whom they once belonged.”


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