More Than 60% of First Nations Children Live in Poverty

Canada’s top capitalists earn more than the average workers yearly salary by 11am every single day. Meanwhile, 60% of First Nations children on reserves live in poverty.

Child poverty is trending upwards, from 15.8% in 1989 to 19% in 2013, that’s over 1.3 million children living in poverty in Canada, and hundreds of thousands more living in food insecure households that can barely scrape by.

Under capitalism our basics needs (shelter, food, ext) are made inaccessible to the working class in Canada just so that a handful of top capitalists can extract the maximum amount of profit. Among these CEOs we can include pharmaceutical executives who make profit off of the medications that people need to survive, and Canadian mining executives who plunder entire communities in Canada and abroad. Only the collective action of an organized working class can knock these big capitalists on their ass.

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