Fuck The Flag Challenge

The Government of Canada has issued a challenge to Canadians: find a creative way to “share your moment with the flag.” We think this is a fantastic idea, and so we’re issuing a similar challenge! We call on anyone who wants to say “Fuck the 150th” to send us a picture of you using the Canadian flag to show us what you *really* think of Canada. Burn it, write on it, hang it in unsavoury places: the choices are endless! We’ll post the most creative ones on this page after July 1st!

*Note* Be careful about including identifying marks (clothing, faces, etc.) in the pictures you send. We’ll do our best to edit anything identifying out, but we can’t guarantee we’ll catch everything.

#Fuckthe150th #Resist150 #Resistance150 #F150 #Canada150#CanadaDay2017 #CDNpoli #Canada

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