Canadian State Privatized Prairie Farmer’s Wheat Board

In 2015 the Canadian State sold the Wheat Board.

This organization, built by prairie farmers, was the largest single seller of grain in the world. The organization was a tool by which farmers could survive the onslaught of capitalism felt by prairie communities. The sale followed the 2012 act which removed the single selling desk status that the wheat board gave to Canadian farmers.

In the years since its sale wheat have been rotting on the prairies due to shipping issues, while small farmers struggle to survive.

By selling the organization that farmers had created and stealing a sum of several hundred million dollars of reserve funds, the Canadian State showed once again that its only interested in profit, and that it does not care about the hundreds of thousands who suffer across the prairies.

For this reason we say: Fuck the 150th!…/prairie-farmers-calling-for-return-…/

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