Canadian State Funded neo-Nazi Organization

The Canadian state, through its intelligence agency CSIS, helped form the Heritage Front and subsequently provided resources and leadership to the white nationalist organization. The Heritage Front gathered disparate neo-Nazis, and in the 90s became one of the strong fascist organizations in Canadian history.

Be it through support for Nazis overseas, providing a safe refuge for fascists in Canada, and the direct support for neo-Nazi groups like the Heritage Front, the Canadian state has a history of supporting the far-right and racist groups.

And yet, for the Canada 150 celebrations, we’re asked to forget about all of this and celebrate Canada as a place of “diversity”, “equality”, and “mutual respect.”

Fuck the 150th!

(Photo: An Anti-Racist Action demonstration in Toronto against the Heritage Front.)

For more information:…/men-linked-to-racists-charged-in-b-c-mu……/decades-later-csiss-white-suprema…

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