Canada is Imperialist

Over the past month we’ve shared numerous facts about all of the rotten things done throughout Canada’s past and present. In the final days before Canada Day, we’d like to tie these facts together and explain *why* Canada is such a miserable place for millions and millions of people.

Canada is an imperialist country. Canadian capital stalks overseas markets, trampling over basic human rights in its unending quest for profit. It is backed up by the Canadian military, which increasingly uses force in order to ensure that Canadian dominance can be maintained. From Afghanistan, to Haiti, to the Ukraine, and increasingly in different parts of Africa, Canadian imperialism spreads misery wherever it goes. And in turn, Canadian capitalism requires imperialism in order to function: Canadian firms would cease to be competitive if they could not reap super-profits from the third world. It is Canadian imperialism which has caused the Canadian military to train neo-Nazis in the Ukraine. It is Canadian imperialism which has resulted in the destruction and occupation of Afghanistan. It is Canadian imperialism, and the white-supremacist ideology it creates, that allowed for the Somalia Affair torture scandal to happen.

In order to end war, and to respect the right of self-determination of all nations across the world, we must end Canadian imperialism. It is only through ending imperialism, ending the exploitation of the working class of other countries by Canadian capital, and ending the enforcement of that exploitation by the Canadian military, that we can begin to heal the wounds created by Canadian imperialism.

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