Call-Out: Fuck the 150th

On July 1, 2017, Canada will celebrate 150 years since Confederation. In order to mark the occasion, governments and big business across Canada have embarked on a campaign of hyper-nationalism, designed to showcase how great Canada supposedly is. The 150th celebrations are supposed to remind us that Canada is place of tolerance, peace, prosperity, and freedom. But, for the majority of us, this could not be further from the truth. In reality Canada is a nation built on genocide and sustained by the misery of millions. And, to add insult to injury, at a time when budgets are slashed and services cut across the board, the total cost of the celebrations is close to half a billion dollars.

What is it that we are being asked to celebrate? Among other atrocities:

  • Continued genocide and dispossession of indigenous peoples by Canadian settler colonialism.
  • Ongoing occupation of Afghanistan by the Canadian Forces and Canadian companies.
  • Canadian mining companies unleashing desolation across the globe, from Latin America to the Philippines.
  • Exploitation of millions of workers in Canada –both domestic and foreign- for the enrichment of a few capitalists.
  • Environmental destruction unleashed by pipelines, the oil sands, and other development projects.
  • The millions who are unable to find adequate work, and who struggle to eke out even the most basic standard of living.

For the vast majority of us –the exploited and oppressed majority – there isn’t much cause for celebration at all. Indeed, for the majority of us, Canada is not a “land of opportunity” but a land of misery.

In order for the people living in what is now called Canada to be truly free, we must smash capitalism, imperialism, and colonialism: in short, we must end Canada itself.

We are a coalition of revolutionary organizations, fighting for a better world for all workers and oppressed. We have joined together to issue a call: against the gross display of nationalism, we call for demonstrations across Canada on July 1 to highlight the misery to which Canada subjects countless people on a daily basis.

We unite to say: Fuck the 150th!

-Fuck the 150th Coalition

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