121 Ontario Schools May be Closed in the Next Two Years

121 Ontario Schools may be closed in the next two years with over 300 more in review.

Across Canada schools are being closed. Often we’re told that these closures are due to budget cuts (There’s still lots of money left for 150 celebrations though!), low-enrolment, or whatever new excuse the Canadian state comes up with to justify cutting our children’s education short. Whether it be in Peterborough, Sudbury, Saskatchewan and all across the prairies, or east Vancouver, the schools facing brutal austerity measures are most often the schools serving majority working class and indigenous communities.

This happens because the Canadian state serves the interests of the capitalist class, just as all Canadian policy bends to the whim of profit; for them the quality of life of workers, students, and their families don’t matter. These school closures mean overcrowded classes of 30 plus students and lack of assessable services; Which impacts disabled students, rural students who must drive hours every day to get to school, and those who aren’t primary-English speakers who need translators and scribes the hardest. We also see vast cuts to arts programs, extra-curricular activities, and staffing positions.

#Fuckthe150 #F150 #Resist150 #SaveOurSchools

For this reason among many others we say: Fuck the 150th!


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