An Appeal on the 150th Anniversary of a Prison House Of Nations

Today marks the 150th anniversary of Canada. Canada, a prison-house of nations, which keeps indigenous peoples subjugated under colonial rule. Canada, a dream-come-true for the rich, which continually attacks the working class and provides a veritable playground for the capitalist class. Canada, a country which is a breeding-ground for all other forms of oppression, constantly dehumanizing the most marginalized within our societies. Canada: a source of misery for millions and millions, at home, and around the world. Canada: a country which must be ended if the masses in this country are to enjoy even the most basic human dignity.

To indigenous peoples, who have struggled so long against Canadian colonialism: keep up the struggle for legitimate national self-determination! Do not settle for “reconciliation” or whatever other traps the Canadian state has set for us on our path to liberation. Nothing short of full control over our lands, resources, and people –in short, complete control over our futures as nations – will be able to overturn the effects of centuries of colonialism. And know that in the struggle for national self-determination, the Revolutionary Communist Party will be right alongside us, fighting to dismantle the prison-house of nations known as Canada.

To the workers and poor of Canada, settler, immigrant, and indigenous: we are poor because others are rich. The Canadian state has expertly crafted a system in which the work we do goes to benefit a small minority rather than improving our lives. While the rich go on expensive vacations, eat the finest foods, and relax in luxury, we work day-in-and-day-out and go into debt just to make ends meet. In almost every conceivable way, profit is put before people. It is not our fault: the system was designed this way. But it doesn’t have to be this way! Our enemies are not indigenous peoples and immigrants, but the capitalist class and the capitalist system itself! If we unite and fight, not only can we make gains –higher wages, cheaper rent, better working conditions, etc. – and improve our situation under the current system, but we can overthrow capitalism itself and build a world without exploitation: a world where we as workers aren’t treated as expendable wealth creators, but rather as people. The Revolutionary Communist Party will work tirelessly to this end, struggling alongside all those who fight for a better world.

To all other oppressed peoples in Canada: know that our struggles are also legitimate and just. Whether we struggle against xenophobia, anti-Black racism, racism, sexism, heterosexism, cis-sexism, homophobia, ableism, or any other form of oppression, it is absolutely correct to demand basic human dignity against the systems which conspire to dehumanize us. While it can be tempting to look at each of these struggles as disconnected and unique, it is only through uniting –understanding our common humanity – that we can truly be successful in building a world without oppression. And in the struggles against specific forms of oppression, as well as the battle to unite these struggles together, the Revolutionary Communist Party is with us.

Who are we? The Revolutionary Communist Party is not a political party like the mainstream parties: we have no interest in parliament, and we don’t make promises we have no intention of keeping. The tasks we have set for ourselves are simple to grasp: the overthrow of the colonial Canadian state in order to secure real self-determination for all oppressed nations in what is now Canada, the end of capitalism in order to ensure that survival and a high quality of life for all is guaranteed, the construction of a truly democratic society so that we –all workers and oppressed peoples- can have control over our lives, and the end of Canadian imperialism to ensure that we do not live well here at the expense of others across the planet. In short, we struggle for socialism. And we know that the capitalist class will not grant this without a fight: the only way to build a truly just world is revolution. Among our members are indigenous peoples and settlers, immigrants and non-immigrants, men, women, and trans and non-binary people, students, workers, old and young. We come from all parts of Canada, and are united in our singular goal of overthrowing all existing social conditions. And it is only through this revolutionary unity that we can be successful in our respective struggles.

The time for action is now. We call upon all those who struggle for a better world to reach out to the Revolutionary Communist Party. Email us at we are active across Canada. It is only through bringing our various struggles together and planning a strategic path forward that we can successfully overthrow capitalism, imperialism, and colonialism. For far too long the capitalist class has been winning. We can reverse the tide. We have nothing to lose but our chains: we have a world to win. End Canada!…/an-appeal-on-the-150th-anni…/

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Canada is Settler-Colonial

Over the past month we’ve shared numerous facts about all of the rotten things done throughout Canada’s past and present. In the final days before Canada Day, we’d like to tie these facts together and explain *why* Canada is such a miserable place for millions and millions of people.

Canada is a settler-colonial country. It was founded on the genocide of millions of Indigenous peoples, and has continued to keep Indigenous peoples subjugated to this day. From the passage of the Indian Act, to the pass system, to the reserve system, the Canadian state has gone out of its way to pacify, assimilate, and exterminate Indigenous peoples. Canadian colonialism is primarily concerned with control over land and therefore the resources contained in and on that land: it sees Indigenous peoples as expendable barriers to economic development. It is colonialism which allowed the Canadian state to forcibly starve Indigenous peoples on the prairies to “clear” the plains for the Canadian Pacific Railway. It was colonialism which allowed the Canadian state to send thousands of Indigenous youth to their deaths in Residential Schools. It is colonialism which causes the clean water crisis today in Indigenous communities across Canada.

Despite claims about “reconciliation”, there can be no Canada without colonialism. And in turn, there can be no fundamental justice for Indigenous peoples while colonialism continues to exist. It is only through ending Canada and the achievement of full national self-determination for Indigenous peoples –which means full control over their lands, resources, people, and futures- that the wounds of colonialism can begin to be reversed.

#Fuckthe150th #Resist150 #Resistance150 #F150 #Canada150 #CanadaDay2017 #CDNpoli #Canada

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Canada is Imperialist

Over the past month we’ve shared numerous facts about all of the rotten things done throughout Canada’s past and present. In the final days before Canada Day, we’d like to tie these facts together and explain *why* Canada is such a miserable place for millions and millions of people.

Canada is an imperialist country. Canadian capital stalks overseas markets, trampling over basic human rights in its unending quest for profit. It is backed up by the Canadian military, which increasingly uses force in order to ensure that Canadian dominance can be maintained. From Afghanistan, to Haiti, to the Ukraine, and increasingly in different parts of Africa, Canadian imperialism spreads misery wherever it goes. And in turn, Canadian capitalism requires imperialism in order to function: Canadian firms would cease to be competitive if they could not reap super-profits from the third world. It is Canadian imperialism which has caused the Canadian military to train neo-Nazis in the Ukraine. It is Canadian imperialism which has resulted in the destruction and occupation of Afghanistan. It is Canadian imperialism, and the white-supremacist ideology it creates, that allowed for the Somalia Affair torture scandal to happen.

In order to end war, and to respect the right of self-determination of all nations across the world, we must end Canadian imperialism. It is only through ending imperialism, ending the exploitation of the working class of other countries by Canadian capital, and ending the enforcement of that exploitation by the Canadian military, that we can begin to heal the wounds created by Canadian imperialism.

#Fuckthe150th #Resist150 #Resistance150 #F150 #Canada150#CanadaDay2017 #CDNpoli #Canada

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Canada Is Capitalist

Over the past month we’ve shared numerous facts about all of the rotten things done throughout Canada’s past and present. In the final days before Canada Day, we’d like to tie these facts together and explain *why* Canada is such a miserable place for millions and millions of people.

Canada is a capitalist country, and has been since shortly after it was founded. The working class in Canada produces a sizable portion of the wealth of our society, and yet the capitalist class benefits from it. Nearly everything the Canadian state does –from its laws, to its social programs, to its prison and police – is intended to make the production of wealth easier for the capitalists. As a result, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Profit is put before people. And in turn, because they control the wealth, it is the capitalist class which is able to exercise political power, making the majority of the decisions which effect us on a day-to-day basis. It is capitalism which allows for there to be many times more empty houses than homeless people. It is capitalism which continually pushes wages down, while top CEOs make more in half a day than the average worker does in a year. It is capitalism which allows for the richest 86 Canadians to control more wealth than the poorest 11.4 million in Canada.

There can be no fundamental justice, equality, or democracy in Canada for the workers and poor without overthrowing capitalism. It is only through ending capitalism and building socialism – an economic system in which the working class democratically controls society and the wealth it creates – that we can begin to heal the wounds caused by capitalism.

#Fuckthe150th #Resist150 #Resistance150 #F150 #Canada150#CanadaDay2017 #CDNpoli #Canada

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Fuck The Flag Challenge

The Government of Canada has issued a challenge to Canadians: find a creative way to “share your moment with the flag.” We think this is a fantastic idea, and so we’re issuing a similar challenge! We call on anyone who wants to say “Fuck the 150th” to send us a picture of you using the Canadian flag to show us what you *really* think of Canada. Burn it, write on it, hang it in unsavoury places: the choices are endless! We’ll post the most creative ones on this page after July 1st!

*Note* Be careful about including identifying marks (clothing, faces, etc.) in the pictures you send. We’ll do our best to edit anything identifying out, but we can’t guarantee we’ll catch everything.

#Fuckthe150th #Resist150 #Resistance150 #F150 #Canada150#CanadaDay2017 #CDNpoli #Canada

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Canada Forcibly Removed Indigenous Children from their Families

Between 1960’s-80’s, tens of thousands of Indigenous children across the country were forcibly taken away from their parents and placed in white foster families in order to erase their national identities. This federally-sanctioned practice has led to the children suffering psychological harm and is known as “The 60s Scoop”.

Survivors and their families have been battling the courts for recognition of this criminal policy and for compensation, and the battle is far from over.

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Nearly One Million People Must Rely on Food Banks This Summer

Close to one million people, including more than 300,000 children, will have to use food banks this summer to be able to feed themselves and their families.

Use of food banks has been increasing every year and is 28% higher than in 2008. Meanwhile, Canada will spend over half a billion dollars on Canada Day celebrations.…/food-ban…/article35145995/

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Ottawa Underfunds Welfare Services for First Nations Children

The Human Rights Tribunal ruled last year that Ottawa discriminated against First Nations children by underfunding child welfare services on reserves and by failing to provide health care services on par with the rest of the country.

Instead of fixing this, the government has taken the Human Rights Tribunal to court over these allegations. It has spent over $707,000 fighting this ruling, instead of investing this money into health care needs of First Nations children.…/trudeau-liberals-take-human-rights-tr…/

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Canada Deported Guatemalan Family on World Refugee Day

On World Refugee Day, a deportation order was filed for a Guatemalan family living in Edmonton. If the family of 7 is deported, it will separate from their parents, and will put their lives in danger.

“Canadians continue to help newcomers establish their lives here with compassion and openness,” Justin Trudeau wrote in a public statement to mark the day.…/edmonton-guatemala-deportation-governme…

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Join the Fuck The 150th Coalition!

With Canada Day a little over a week away, it’s time to take action. On July 1st, people across Canada will unite to say “Fuck the 150th!”. So what can you do?

1) GET INVOLVED WITH A LOCAL ACTION! Over the next week we’ll be posting information on what people across Canada have planned to say “Fuck the 150th!” They’d be more than happy to see new faces at their events!

2) PLAN A LOCAL ACTION! Don’t know how? Let us know: we’ll be glad to give you a step-by-step guide and help with any resources you need.


4) LOOKING TO CONNECT WITH OTHERS? Post in the comments below where you’re from and find others ho help say “Fuck the 150th!”.


#Fuckthe150th #Resist150 #Resistance150 #F150#Canada150 #CanadaDay2017 #CDNpoli #Canada


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