Canada Forcibly Removed Indigenous Children from their Families

Between 1960’s-80’s, tens of thousands of Indigenous children across the country were forcibly taken away from their parents and placed in white foster families in order to erase their national identities. This federally-sanctioned practice has led to the children suffering psychological harm and is known as “The 60s Scoop”.

Survivors and their families have been battling the courts for recognition of this criminal policy and for compensation, and the battle is far from over.

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Nearly One Million People Must Rely on Food Banks This Summer

Close to one million people, including more than 300,000 children, will have to use food banks this summer to be able to feed themselves and their families.

Use of food banks has been increasing every year and is 28% higher than in 2008. Meanwhile, Canada will spend over half a billion dollars on Canada Day celebrations.…/food-ban…/article35145995/

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Ottawa Underfunds Welfare Services for First Nations Children

The Human Rights Tribunal ruled last year that Ottawa discriminated against First Nations children by underfunding child welfare services on reserves and by failing to provide health care services on par with the rest of the country.

Instead of fixing this, the government has taken the Human Rights Tribunal to court over these allegations. It has spent over $707,000 fighting this ruling, instead of investing this money into health care needs of First Nations children.…/trudeau-liberals-take-human-rights-tr…/

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Canada Deported Guatemalan Family on World Refugee Day

On World Refugee Day, a deportation order was filed for a Guatemalan family living in Edmonton. If the family of 7 is deported, it will separate from their parents, and will put their lives in danger.

“Canadians continue to help newcomers establish their lives here with compassion and openness,” Justin Trudeau wrote in a public statement to mark the day.…/edmonton-guatemala-deportation-governme…

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Join the Fuck The 150th Coalition!

With Canada Day a little over a week away, it’s time to take action. On July 1st, people across Canada will unite to say “Fuck the 150th!”. So what can you do?

1) GET INVOLVED WITH A LOCAL ACTION! Over the next week we’ll be posting information on what people across Canada have planned to say “Fuck the 150th!” They’d be more than happy to see new faces at their events!

2) PLAN A LOCAL ACTION! Don’t know how? Let us know: we’ll be glad to give you a step-by-step guide and help with any resources you need.


4) LOOKING TO CONNECT WITH OTHERS? Post in the comments below where you’re from and find others ho help say “Fuck the 150th!”.


#Fuckthe150th #Resist150 #Resistance150 #F150#Canada150 #CanadaDay2017 #CDNpoli #Canada


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Students Today Pay 45% More Tuition vs. a Decade Ago

Undergraduate students today pay 45% more in tuition than students did a decade ago.

Meanwhile, government funding for post-secondary education has declined by 20% since the early 1990s. Between 1999 and 2012 Student debt grew by 44%. Reduced funding and higher tuition limits access to education for the working class.

When CEGEP and university students in Quebec rose up opposing a 75% tuition increase, the police, enforcers of the Canadian state, reacted in violent brutality against protesters. In 2013, at a protest in Victoriaville police used rubber bullets against students resulting in a student losing vision in one eye.

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The Canadian Military is Currently Training Neo-Nazis in the Ukraine

The Azov Batallion (Pictured holding a NATO and swastika flag) is a volunteer militia founded by neo-Nazis. Their members have attacked LGBTQ events and have forcibly driven Romani people out of their homes. They are currently receiving training from the Canadian military as part of a wider effort to train anti-Russian forces and the Ukrainian national guard to destabilize the region.

The Canadian military training neo-Nazis, just another reason to say: Fuck the 150!…/five-police-officers-injured-as-ant…

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RCMP Slaughtered Sled Dogs Used by Inuit Communities

It was an RCMP policy to slaughter swathes of sled dogs used by Inuit communities. This practice led to famine and medicine shortages, as the use of sled dogs is vital for hunting and transportation.

“In a time frame of 20 years, the RCMP and the Quebec Provincial Police killed thousands of Inuit Sled dogs under a ruse of public safety and a loophole in a law designed for agriculture.

The stories are vast and severe. In testimony given to the Qikiqtani Truth Commission, affected hunters emotionally described how law enforcement dealt with their dogs in ways that had nothing to do with health and safety; or the endangerment of crops.

According to testimony, dogs were shot while they were harnessed and ready for a hunt; pregnant dogs—who were the last of their pack—were killed, shot by laughing policemen in front of their owners. The RCMP had children help them in the killings. Dozens of dogs were allegedly burned and piled into pyramids in front of communities to whom they once belonged.”…/the-rcmp-and-quebecs-provincial-poli…

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121 Ontario Schools May be Closed in the Next Two Years

121 Ontario Schools may be closed in the next two years with over 300 more in review.

Across Canada schools are being closed. Often we’re told that these closures are due to budget cuts (There’s still lots of money left for 150 celebrations though!), low-enrolment, or whatever new excuse the Canadian state comes up with to justify cutting our children’s education short. Whether it be in Peterborough, Sudbury, Saskatchewan and all across the prairies, or east Vancouver, the schools facing brutal austerity measures are most often the schools serving majority working class and indigenous communities.

This happens because the Canadian state serves the interests of the capitalist class, just as all Canadian policy bends to the whim of profit; for them the quality of life of workers, students, and their families don’t matter. These school closures mean overcrowded classes of 30 plus students and lack of assessable services; Which impacts disabled students, rural students who must drive hours every day to get to school, and those who aren’t primary-English speakers who need translators and scribes the hardest. We also see vast cuts to arts programs, extra-curricular activities, and staffing positions.

#Fuckthe150 #F150 #Resist150 #SaveOurSchools

For this reason among many others we say: Fuck the 150th!

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Hundreds Arrested in Raids on LGBTQ Establishments

On October 22, 1977, cops raided two downtown Montreal gay establishments, Truxx Bar and Le Mystique, arresting 146 people.

On February 5, 1981 Toronto cops raided 4 gay bathhouses during “Operation Soap”, arresting 286.

Harassment of LGBTQ establishments happened often and was a deliberate policy of the police and municipal authorities, with the last known raid happening on Sept. 14, 2000 in Toronto. Victims of these raids have spent years battling the legal system and have seen no compensation.

Despite attempts to create a community-friendly public image, cops continue to harass the LGBTQ people, especially people of color.

Just another reason to say: Fuck the 150th and No Cops in Pride!

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